Peer Comment

My comment to Robert Krawford during week 2:

Even though I did not grow up in the time when The Beatles were putting out albums, I also grew up with The Beatles. I have always loved them just as you have. I think growing up in the time period would have been a really great experience. That is awesome that you got to grow up watching Elvis on television. I do agree that “Rubber Soul” is a great album it is what helped influence The Beach Boys to write and release “Pet Sounds” which is also a great album. I enjoyed reading your post though and wish you the best of luck!

My comment to Matthew Mangini during week 4:

Before reading your post I had no idea who Harald Bode was. He obviously had a huge impact on the electronic music world. If he never invented his Vocoder then it seems that we wouldn’t have Lipps Inc. “Funkytown” and we would not have Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. Well we might still have those songs but they would not sound the same, they would be completely different. It is very amazing that Bode was able to invent these things all by himself as only one man. That is very sad that he died before his time due to cancer. Overall, I really enjoyed reading your post it was very informative.


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