Radiohead “OK Computer”

This week I decided to write about Radioheads “OK Computer”. “OK Computer” was released on May 21, 1997 through Capitol Records as their third studio album. “OK Computer” shows how they had evolved from their first studio album titled “Pablo Honey” with the single off of that record being “Creep” which was more grunge, making them sound like Nirvana wannabes. “OK Computer” uses  some ideas that they had for songs for their second album titled “The Bends”. A lot of fans and music lovers consider “OK Computer” to be the greatest album ever made, but depending on who you talk to that answer always changes. The Album is said to have influenced and affected rock more than any other albums of the 1990’s. The album has influenced artists like Muse and Coldplay which in their music they also have themes such as technological doom and quasi-millennial tendencies. What made “OK Computer” unique compared to other music is that it has an anti-technology theme which some people have found ironic since it is with technology that they created the songs on the album. For example, the first song on the album titled “Airbag” is about people getting in a car crash and the technology almost takes their lives but in the end ends up saving their lives. Another thing that made “OK Computer” unique and caused it to stand out to other music was the fact that it was the first rock album in almost two decades that dealt with themes of urban alienation and technologies effect on the human psyche. The album “OK Computer” has really stuck out to me as a music major student. I think it’s themes of technology was brilliant and different which makes it really stand out to the other music that came out around that time in the 1990’s. On the album there are some great guitar rifts from their guitarist Jonny Greenwood which really add something interesting and great to the album. I will use the knowledge that I gained from studying this album in the future by knowing that you don’t always have to do what is expected of you by making “radio friendly” music, make the music that you feel.



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