Brian Eno – 40 Years of changing music

Brian Eno grew up near two American air bases which were only five miles from where Eno lived. The bases brought a new style of music from America over to the English country side where Eno lived. The music was something different than he had ever heard before. This is how Brian Eno described the style of music:

“Feeble, weedy English pop music and then the American stuff, full of what I still find to be menace and strangeness. I listened to Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Bo Diddley, I was a listener for a long, long time – I used to sing, too, I was always singing a lot, Buddy Holly, Elvis. This was American music, African music, in the middle of the English countryside … I think the echo on Elvis’s “Hearbreak Hotel” is better than the song itself, by far. Nobody could tell me what that was, in my family. They didn’t know what to make of that sound. It turns the studio into a cave … When I was young, the most overpowering sense of wonder was inspired in me by music.”

Brian Eno has done many things in his career. He has made his own albums, produced other artists albums, created artwork and even created an Ipad app. Brian Eno created the Ipad app titled “Scape” with help from Peter Chilvers, who is also a musician and software designer. Eno also created an art piece titled “77 million paintings”. “77 million paintings” is an art piece that does not show just one picture. It shows paintings on a screen but they change and they never repeat. While the paintings are going there is also Eno’s music playing in the background. The Ipad app is an app that helps you create your own ambient music. It has different colors and shapes, each with it’s own musical cue. The more you play the app the more shapes and colors appear, letting you create more music.

One thing that sets Eno apart from other recordings today would be the fact that Eno can create an art piece and put his very own music to it is brilliant. I do not know of any one else today that can say they have created something like that. Another thing that would set him apart would be his recording style. Eno can be recording a song and not even be paying attention and create a great song. Eno has a great impression on me as a listener and as a music industry professional. I think learning about Brian Eno has greatly influenced me to make great music but not because I have to, but because I want to.


One thought on “Brian Eno – 40 Years of changing music

  1. Amber,

    I really enjoyed reading your blog and the interesting facts that you had on Brian Eno, especially about him and Peter Chilvers creating the app “77 million paintings.” I wonder where did that Idea come from.

    Who would have thought that he would be the man he is today from the day he had that car accident back in 1975. I thought that his music was weird and I was wondering if you had felt the same way. Whoever thought that just by the ambience of a room would turn into a beat. Maxwell made a beat from just listening to the windshield wipers on a car. After Brian Eno, it seems that he made it known that you can take anything and make it into music.

    Jamar Anderson

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