The Beatles “Revolver”

Before the album “Revolver” most of the songs The Beatles wrote were about girls and love. On “Revolver” the lyrics were about other things like loneliness, innocence and in the case of the song “Taxman” they wrote their first political song. To help influence them on the album was their growing competition with The Beach Boys. When The Beach Boys released their album “Pet Sounds”, The Beatles said that it was a great album and made them strive to make an even better album with “Revolver”. Another non-musical related influence would be LSD. LSD influenced only a couple of songs on the record, which was “Yellow Submarine” and “Tomorrow Never Knows”. “Taxman” was influenced by the taxes they were having to pay that they felt was unnecessary so they decided to write a song about the taxes they were receiving.  “Eleanor Rigby” was the only song on the record that had none of the members play any instruments on the song. It was only orchestral with Paul McCartney singing. Paul McCartney decided to try something new on the album by making his own effect by manipulating the sound and created tape looping. He would use EMI glue to stick the tape together and run it through as a loop. On “Got To Get You Into My Life” they used a double-tracked horn section which was innovative for the 1960’s. The Beatles also did double-track on other songs on the album. The Beatles was also the first to use compression on individual instruments to help boost their volume and to smooth out the signal. As a student in the music industry The Beatles have been a huge influence in my life. The album “Revolver” is one of the greatest albums and I truly do appreciate everything that The Beatles did with the album “Revolver”.



2 thoughts on “The Beatles “Revolver”

  1. Amber,

    I just finished reading your blog regarding The Beatles’ “Revolver” album, and wanted to let you know I enjoyed the informative read. You emphasized many great points regarding the album, and incorporated into your blog a lot of interesting concepts The Beatles used in creating the sounds for this album.
    If there was something I would have liked to have seen in your blog, would be references linked to your sources. From where your blog stands at this time, I don’t see a hyperlink, or any connections with your sources, so I would not be able to know where you gained your information for this topic.
    Overall, I have to say, you did a very nice job covering the album, and believe you put forth good effort to make this a readable blog.
    Thanks for the read, and good luck with the rest of your blogs this month.
    Take care!

    Your Full Sail classmate,

    Eric “Airiq” Benner

    • Airiq,

      Thank you very much for all of the nice comments. Under the homepage I have a link at the top titled “Recources”. That is where you can find all of the links that I have used to write the blog.

      Amber Haynie

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